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Dear Participants

One of the hallmarks of the Teaching with Technology Summit is the emphasis on the empowerment of academics in the practical integration of educational technologies into the curriculum. The explosion of these educational tools means that there is always a better way to do traditional classroom tasks and the subsequent innovations challenge for both the seasoned and novice academics to continuously develop in the integration of teaching and learning technologies. We would like to invite you to submit a proposal to do one of the following:

  1. Facilitate practical demonstration on how you are using technology tools to facilitate teaching and learning;
  2. Facilitate a mini workshop on how to use (a) particular technology tool(s) to facilitate teaching and learning
  3. Demonstrate new and cutting edge educational technologies;
  4. Share practical tips on using LMS tools around some of the contextual challenges faced.


Kindly align your submission to any of the following subthemes:

  • Creative deployment of technologies to enhance the student experience
  • Adding value to large group teaching using technology
  • Creative use of technologies in the classroom
  • Electronic assessment and feedback
  • Student induction into HE and the role of technology
  • Going beyond PowerPoint
  • The role and use of online classrooms
  • Approaches to enhancement of learning, teaching and assessment
  • Technologies and internationalisation of the student experience
  • Lecture capture
  • Inclusive technologies
  • Learning Analytics – Pros and Cons
  • Other topics of interest

The guidelines for the proposals are as follows:

  1. Clearly indicate the title of the workshop/demonstration and the intended outcomes;
  2. The outline should also make clear any special requirements that will aid in the delivery of the workshop. Please note that these will need to be in sync with the general logistical organization of the Summit;
  3. The proposal must indicate how it will encourage the active participation of the target audience;
  4. The proposal should not be more than one page.
  5. Workshops will be limited to 45 minutes while demonstrations will be 20 minutes apiece.

Submission Process

Delegates who wish to submit their abstracts must download one of the templates below, complete and submit them to

Important Dates

  • Registration Open                                  –      14 June 2019
  • Proposal Submission Deadline           –      15 July 2019
  • Notification of Acceptance                   –      25 July 2019
  • Registration Deadline                           –      16 August 2019

Proposals should be submitted to

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