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Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) is ready to bring to you the 9th edition of the Focus Conference on higher education (HE). The conference will be hosted on 17 to 19 August 2022 at The Capital Zimbali in Durban, South Africa.

Abstracts of between 250-350 words should be submitted on or before the due date: 17 June 2022. Authors are requested to strictly abide by the conference theme since this will be one of the primary criteria when selecting abstracts or manuscripts to be presented at the conference. 

We encourage submissions on the following subthemes:

Many scholars have highlighted a positive relationship between student engagement and academic outcomes such as grades, retention and graduation. High quality learning outcomes such as critical thinking, the ability to apply knowledge in practical situations, and deeper approaches to learning are some of the significant outcomes of student engagement. However, it is important to note that the role of a teacher in student engagement cannot be over-emphasised, as they play a key role in influencing this type of engagement.

With the move to online teaching, learning and assessments, there were fears that student performance may be compromised or unjustly accelerated. What does empirical data tell us? Did student performance generally go down, and or has it improved significantly?


Traditional teaching pedagogies suddenly became unsuitable for the sudden move to online teaching and learning. In this regard, academics needed training and continuous support for the transition to e-learning.


The focus on staff and student health and psychosocial support also became important. For academics, the abrupt shift to adapt to working from home and implementing online learning has led to over-work, low work-life balance and compromised mental health. How did universities support students and staff, and what lessons were learnt in this regard?

Lecturers, just like students, were hastily transited to digital assessments and faced with the reality of digital assessments on a grand scale for the first time.This brought about challenges, notwithstanding the prospects and opportunities of digital assessments.   

Student support is a vital bedrock for students’ success in higher education. As the future of higher education is widely pondered in the sector, innovative student support is critical to ensure broader access and continuous student success.

Peer-assisted learning provides crucial support for undergraduate students on campus. Critically, peer assisters are students themselves, and studies on how these students navigated the space and futures prospect would enrich this area of peer-assisted learning.  


Cheating is an old age concern associated with assessments in education. One of the major concerns with the move to continuous and online assessments was that the probabilities of students cheating were higher in the absence of invigilators. However, universities came up with innovative ways and strategies to minimise cheating, including the use of software and other tools.   

The industry and other stakeholders have been vocal and critical about the quality of graduates’ universities produced during the Covid-19 period.

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