Thursday, October 17, 2019


Technology now pervades every sphere of our lives, from complicated inventions & innovations in industry and commerce to complete redefinitions of our social interactions. Whilst the 4th Industrial Revolution has been receiving extensive press coverage, the bigger question is what are Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) doing in response to the demands of the digital era? The past ten years have witnessed the disappearance of some traditional jobs and the emergence of new ones. This trend is becoming the new constant. A concerted effort is therefore needed at both policy and practice levels to prepare our students to be relevant. We can’t afford to fold our hands and still expect to impact student achievement in the face of these significant changes in the environment. Harnessing educational technologies presents a myriad of opportunities for universities to stay relevant and attain the ideals of socio-economic reform.


Ms Lindsay Wesner

Mr Izak Smit

Ms Shanali Govender

Dr James Njenga

Dr JP Bosman

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